Brad Walker, President of ASECO Integrated Systems

Brad Walker, President of ASECO Integrated Systems shares some enlightening perspectives…

On Re-Use…  It’s one of those chicken or egg scenarios, but regardless, large companies are aggressively re-using designs, code, intellectual property, etc. across multiple sites.  Is it possible to reduce total costs by as much as 2/3 using the approach?  How vital is acumen regarding “re-use” for manufacturers and system integrators?

And speaking of Intellectual Property…  Discussions about who owns what are becoming more common and more important; and wow, they are challenging.  Brad talks about how looking at systems component by component makes it easier to appropriately divvy up the IP for the benefit of all.  Dealing with the “purchasing guys and lawyers” is becoming more and more significant.

On RFP vs. Partnering…  No doubt, partnering is a more successful strategy, but how do you get from here to there?  How can manufacturers and system integrators develop trust quickly?

On Differentiation…  It’s training.  It’s IP.  It’s vision.  It’s all about integrating skill sets above and beyond the traditional disciplines.

On Standards…  Of course ISO standards are invaluable.  Walker’s take on the equivalence of ISO standards and CSIA Certification is instructive.  Clever engineers are not enough!  Process and systems need to support those clever engineers to make technology really hum and generate value.

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