Dave Morton of Automated Control & Technical Services

Dave Morton is Vice President of Operations for Automated Control & Technical Services in Bakersfield, CA, and he gets customer intimacy.  According to Dave, it’s a “big deal.”  “Engineering, System Integration, installation and 24X7 support along with keeping in touch on a regular basis are critical.”

He goes so far as to say that being there for customers when they need to bounce ideas off a knowledgeable person is simply part of job.  “Turnkey accountability” can’t happen any other way.  Since Automated Control & Technical Services does both the electrical work and the systems integration, avoiding finger-pointing is a must.

With that breadth of responsibility assumed on behalf of customers, how do they keep control of their organization?  The key is standards and procedures according to Morton.  “Otherwise one of the company leaders would need to be directly involved in every project at every level,” he says.  That situation would prevent good customer service.

And the foundation of those standards and procedures?  CSIA Certification.  It’s been the roadmap for not only defining, but also consistently following their processes; ensuring both quality and tight project management.  For Automated Control & Technical Services, it’s also an important, 3rd party validation benchmark that customers can use to judge them before signing a contract.

Great insights from an experienced executive.  Don’t miss this one!

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