Jim Williams of Loman Control Systems

Jim Williams is the Business Development Manager of Loman Control Systems.  As an engineer turned sales professional, Jim provides some interesting perspectives.  He also gets a lot of leverage from being able to “talk the talk” AND “walk the walk.”

Given his background, it’s not a big surprise that he’s focused on using technology to help sell.  He’s got some novel ideas, for example, about using social media and enhancing SEO.

Finally, Jim’s perspective about how to find and choose a system integrator left Bob & I thinking!

Loman Control Systems has been providing clients with automation solutions since 1991. Headquartered in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, Loman offers a comprehensive suite of industrial automation services including specification, design, programming, assembly, installation and startup. Loman is a founding member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), and had been active in the CSIA Best Practices committee for 9 years. Since the inception of the CSIA Certified member program, Loman has maintained Certified member status.


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