Tim DePalma of B&D Industrial

You’d expect a company celebrating its 65th anniversary to be a solid, dependable outfit, expert at keeping customers happy.  B&D Industrial, an independently owned provider of industrial products and services, certainly fits that description.  Who’d think though, that they would also be a prolific source of creativity and innovation?

This conversation with Tim DePalma, B&D’s Director of Technical Services and Corporate Development provides a glimpse into some of the truly advanced systems they’re designing and delivering.  He traces much of their success to the Norcross, GA based Technical Solutions Group.  Gathering all their technology gurus into one location enables extensive cross-pollination of concepts and ideas, resulting in an “innovation engine” to address customers issues and challenges.

Listen to some of advanced applications of remote, real-time monitoring.  B&D has been able to dramatically reduce costs and boost production up-time and production throughput for their customers by identify problems BEFORE they occur.

And you simply cannot miss the “Pecan Worm Story.”  Picture a two-foot wide conveyor belt-full of freshly picked pecans whizzing along at high speed.  Some of the nuts have tiny worms on them – NOT something that can go into the package.  A B&D designed vision system spots the little rascals and ensures a thorough “wash and rinse” cycle.

Very cool stuff!

Marty Michael and “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”

In his role as Vice President of Enterprise Software Solutions for Avanceon, Marty Michael has acquired a wealth of knowledge about designing, developing and implementing  control systems.  His professional focus is on reliability and control of information and automation systems in manufacturing.

In this interview, Marty discusses “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” or OEE.  OEE is statistical measure that enables analysis of  performance of equipment, availability (or it’s opposite, down time) and quality (i.e., good vs. waste)

In a nutshell, it involves mapping the manufacturing process (starting with a small portion of it), collecting data, analyzing it and using the insights gained to improve performance.  You don’t want to miss this “how to” discussion.  There’s a whole lot of cash to be saved with OEE!