Brent Stromwall of Polytron talks about Intelligence and Continuity

Brent Stromwall, Vice President of Business Development for Polytron discusses Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions and Continuity of Performance. 

He explained how important it is for plant manager to understand the business beyond what can be learned from MES.  Personnel up and down the hierarchy – from the C-Level to plant managers to operators on the floor – need information; about downtime, OEE, quality, safety, maintenance, operations and myriad of other things.

Everyone recognizes the need for data driven decisions, but not everyone knows how to get information without spending a bundle.  Brent explains how to make that happen with Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions

Brent also provided some fascinating perspective about Continuity of Performance.  The notion of a customer achieving excellence after Polytron finishes a project and leaves is quite unique.  “Communication with and education of all stakeholders is just as important as a great technical solution,” says Stromwall.  “It takes more effort, but pays off for both us and our customers in the long run.”

Great stuff!  Don’t miss this interview – lots to learn from it!

Paul Wilson and Ken McLaughlin – Creating Business Value

Paul Wilson, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing and Ken McLaughlin, Director of Automation Systems with JMP Engineering talk about creating business value.  For these two it all starts with recognizing that every customer – and every individual within that customer – is different and has a different spin on exactly what “value” is.

They explain a three step life-cycle for partnering with customers to optimize their value-creating process:

  • Plan – Paul aims for investing 50% of JMP’s time understanding what customers want to accomplish and why.  (Think about the magnitude of that time investment…)
  • Choose – That is, decide which of the many combinations and permutations of components and vendors make for the best overall solution.  (Very interesting perspective here on the difference between recommendations – the JMP way – and quotes – the more typical approach.)
  • Manage – Including change management during implementation as well as ongoing support and service

Listen closely for a whole series of insightful nuggets!