Paul Wilson and Ken McLaughlin – Creating Business Value

Paul Wilson, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing and Ken McLaughlin, Director of Automation Systems with JMP Engineering talk about creating business value.  For these two it all starts with recognizing that every customer – and every individual within that customer – is different and has a different spin on exactly what “value” is.

They explain a three step life-cycle for partnering with customers to optimize their value-creating process:

  • Plan – Paul aims for investing 50% of JMP’s time understanding what customers want to accomplish and why.  (Think about the magnitude of that time investment…)
  • Choose – That is, decide which of the many combinations and permutations of components and vendors make for the best overall solution.  (Very interesting perspective here on the difference between recommendations – the JMP way – and quotes – the more typical approach.)
  • Manage – Including change management during implementation as well as ongoing support and service

Listen closely for a whole series of insightful nuggets!