Putting real meaning behind the word “Partner”

It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard such a great story about genuine partnering!  In this interview, Steve Townsend, Senior Controls Engineer for Imerys and Chuck Wambeke, President of Industrial Automation Consulting both out of Three Forks, Montana talk about two decades of producing mutual value.

What’s the basis for this sustained success story?  Standardization.  Documented standards for automation, naming and even beyond that, to blocking and tackling like wiring at the electrical, PLC and HMI levels, is the underlying theme.  Steve emphasizes how even though individual employees may come and go, the standards remain.  They’re an anchor that continuously minimizes both excess work and change orders.  Better yet, Chuck and Steve have aggressively leveraged the power of these standards across all their locations.

Chuck shared a bit of historical perceptive as well.  IAC started thinking in terms of best practices and standards even before the CSIA (Control System Integrators Association) was established.  They continue this focus and for the third time, are ready to get re-certified.  What’s particularly striking is Steve’s (i.e., the customer’s) perspective on the value of CSIA Certification.  He attributes much of Imerys’ stellar safety record to the CSIA-based safety standards ICA helped them implement.  Think of a talc mine in Montana, and then think about no lost time accidents in 6 years.  As I said in the interview, “Wow!”

Listen to the whole discussion to bone up on how “partnering” is done.